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Personality Synthesis Type (PST) Report

The purpose of the Personality Synthesis Type (PST) report is to accelerate the

development process, guiding individuals (and nations) from self-serving personality

expression to perceiving and acting as souls. This shift enables

contribution to solutions that renew, restore, and unleash the good within

humanity. The report aims to inspire coordinated group formation, with

individuals working in alignment with their soul's intent and direction. It

emphasizes the importance of controlling personal feelings and using

intuition for wise and loving intelligent action, unobstructed by personal

preferences. Ultimately, the report seeks to inspire goodwill and a

reorientation toward spiritual values for the betterment of the whole.

United States Soul

2nd Ray

Second Ray



Calm, strength, patience and endurance, love of truth, perceptive and clear intelligence, serene temperament, faithfulness


Over-sensitivity and vulnerability, over-inclusiveness, over-absorption in study, coldness, indifference to others, contempt of mental limitations of others

United States Personality

6th Ray

Sixth Ray

Idealism & Devotion


Devotion, single-mindedness, intuition, capable of widely inclusive love, faithfulness to an ideal, reverence


Selfish and jealous love, over-dependence on others, partiality, self-deception, resistance to making the perceived ideal real, too-rapid conclusions, fiery anger



Individuals, groups, and nations are in various stages of becoming and expressing themselves as personalities or souls. Familiarizing ourselves with the three stages leading to identification as group-oriented souls, characterized by aspiration, ambition, and adaptation, plays a pivotal role in helping us understand how we can individually and collectively expand our consciousness, equipping us to act increasingly for the good of humanity as a whole.


Each stage is a key to our understanding and is elaborated below, substantiated by evidence from ray psychology and astrology. These are the foundation of the Science of the Seven Rays elucidated by the Tibetan, a Master and teacher of the Ancient Wisdom.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski



An individual, group, or nation is considered a personality when it can act with definite coordination, intent, and awareness of others and the environment in order to achieve a desired outcome.

Sixth ray method of becoming a personality.

Capitol Building

As a nation with a ray six personality, the United States has become a compelling, coordinated individuality by sticking to what it thinks is the perfect way to be. The nation is sincere about reaching its goal despite hardships. It's the kind of nation willing to give everything for what it believes in. But sometimes, its strong beliefs prevent it from correctly interpreting and applying inspired ideas to help everyone, including the planet as a whole. It's been crucial for the U.S. and its citizens, through national turmoil, strife, and personal and collective suffering, to learn to balance its fiery passion with a more steady approach so that it can inspire and help equip others, nationally and internationally, to do their rightful part to improve life for all.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski



During the peak personality stage, personal ambitions and aims drive the individual, group, or nation to dominant expression in one field or another. This stage is characterized by a strong mental focus, with thinking temporarily overriding feeling. This phase culminates in a new crisis, where the individual or group must begin to give itself over to the use of the soul.

Sixth Ray Peak Personality 

An ideal inspires sixth ray personalities. They are warriors for a cause, imaginatively picturing, coloring, professing, and mobilizing others to their vision for good or ill. An unawakened sixth ray personality must eventually learn the limits of emotional fervor as a driving force for achieving unity. They are the religious zealots and ideologues, narrowly focused on their truth implemented in their way only. When devoted to some ideal, cause, or person, the sixth ray personality cannot see the forest for the trees. A one-pointed focus on some part of the whole, even if it is genuinely part of the Plan for the common Good, excludes others, their ideas, needs, and ultimate unity. However, when they work to preserve and keep the group's or nation's shared goal alive, they can inspire its members to do their part as they see fit. 

Image by Brandon Mowinkel

The United States's Ray Six personality, represented by the masses or public opinion, reflects a complex combination of idealism and closed-mindedness, resembling the adolescent stage of human development. The nation's spirited pursuit of its vision of life is evidence of this sixth ray impetus, often carried out at the expense of leaving behind some citizens and perpetuating actions that negatively impact other countries. For example, the United States' historical resistance to compromise on issues such as gun control and healthcare has led to a lack of progress, impacting the well-being of its own citizens.

On a brighter note, the United States shines with its benevolence and readiness to aid those in need worldwide. Its social movements advocating for racial and economic equality, women's rights, and peace have not only resonated within its borders but have also reverberated globally, underscoring the universal call for enhanced human rights.

Nevertheless, it's essential to recognize that having a vision for a better world is not enough. When directed by an unenlightened personality, indicating a lack of awareness and contact with the innately group-oriented soul (2nd Ray), the devoted sixth ray personality's unwavering determination and resistance to compromise can hinder progress. For example, fervent political and religious ideologies often lead to gridlock and hinder the spiritual compromises needed to ensure everyone rises together.


It's not just about having a vision but also about taking practical steps to move closer to that vision, even if it's just inch by inch. This emphasis on practicality is not meant to discourage but to empower, reminding us that change is within our grasp if spiritually minded people and humanitarians can counter the impacts of this potent sixth-ray personality (the masses) by embodying the even more powerful qualities of the U.S.'s Second Ray soul.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski



In this stage, all remaining issues come to the surface for final resolution. Most people and nations are likely to encounter this stage in the future, but it's useful to be aware of it when striving for greater control over our personal development. Once the challenges of this stage are overcome, nothing will be left to hinder the individual's or nation's goal of fully merging with and expressing soul objectives, which are to serve the good of the Whole. Although there may be periods of setbacks or going off track, these will only be temporary. However, before achieving complete fusion between the personality and soul, they must exert their spiritual will until the soul is entirely free from the self-centered demands of the lower self (personality).

Second Ray Soul method used to dominate and control a 6th Ray personality.

USA Flag

The main challenge for the United States as a second ray soul is to free itself from the dominance of a sixth ray personality and replace the many groups' narrow personal affections with a more inclusive love. The sixth ray personality's (the masses) strong attachment to lesser loves triggers strong emotional reactions when they feel the soul's broader vision is encroaching. 


The second ray soul (i.e., composed of all spiritually-minded people, humanitarians, and people of goodwill) of the United States aims to influence the idealistic sixth ray personality to work towards fulfilling a part of the evolutionary Plan (oriented to the common Good) with universal significance rather than just narrow implications. 


Over time, the soul of the nation evolves, combining personality and soul to reveal an enlightened and perfect unity. A matured sixth ray personality, expressing its second ray soul, single-mindedly directs others towards the Plan, instills faith in its realization, and remains committed until it is fully achieved on Earth.

Astrological Influences

We grow from crisis to crisis at each stage, achieving an enhanced sense of our own strengths, capabilities, and power. Correctly handling each point of crisis and learning to self-initiate them is how we can consciously evolve. Precipitating is another way of saying that we sacrifice the lesser to the greater. To live the life of the soul, we eventually sacrifice personality desires, aims, ambitions, affections, and attitudes so that the soul can shine through. 

At each crisis, the consciously evolving individual asks: What type of choice/decision/direction is required to adequately resolve the crisis/tension at this stage of development? Understanding the Sun and Rising Signs and the energies influencing them can help you answer this question.

*Only when we begin to express ourselves as souls are the influences of the esoteric rulers felt. 


Sun Sign

Gemini (2nd Ray)

Exoteric Ruler

Mercury (4th Ray)

Esoteric Ruler

Venus (5th Ray)

Rising Sign

Aquarius (5th Ray)

Exoteric Ruler

Uranus (7th Ray)

Esoteric Ruler

Jupiter (2nd Ray)


As a nation, the United States has the advantage of distinctly perceiving the dualities, whatever these may be. For the country to become an integrated entity, its relationships and experiences have provided opportunities to witness the diversities of life, presenting its exoteric 4th Ray ruler, Mercury, with much to harmonize. Mercury, known as the "messenger of the Gods," aids the USA's assimilation of diverse peoples and appreciation of novelty to enlighten its collective ("mass") mind. Changing policies and the cross-national and cultural mix of a global population within its borders provide ample opportunity for interplay, exchange, and exploring diverse perspectives.


The influence of Gemini on the United States' personality has helped us reach a stage of development where our national identity and values are approaching a pivotal moment. We are conscious of the choices that lay before us, and the energies impacting our nation (illuminated by Mercury) are aiding us in making the right decisions. 


This choice leads either back to focusing on material pursuits or towards the freedom offered by our vision of a more spiritually enlightened society. The esoteric influence of 5th Ray Venus adds a more advanced and higher mental focus to bring about the necessary revelations that will elevate our collective identity to serve the good of the whole. 

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