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Discover the profound depths of your authentic self through our advanced personality insights, unveiling not just who you are, but who you are becoming.

We are Human and Divine

Individuals, groups, and nations are in various stages of becoming personalities or souls. Understanding the three stages of identification as group-oriented souls characterized by aspiration, ambition, and adaptation is crucial in our collective journey. When fully achieved, soul consciousness empowers individuals, groups, and nations to think and act increasingly for the good of humanity as a whole. 

A double rainbow forms over Bow Lake in

The seven rays, beautifully symbolized by the rainbow, are not just a part of nature's wonder but embody the seven qualities of divinity. They are the architects of life on our planet, including the natural kingdoms, nations, and humans. Each collective and human being is a unique manifestation of one of these seven types. Discovering our spiritual type is the key to intelligent development consistent with the divine evolutionary plan.


Check out the sample Personal Type and USA Type reports to determine if requesting a personality synthesis report is right for you at this stage of your self-discovery journey. 

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We educate and train all people with GOOD intentions who want to make a positive impact wherever they are, using the resources at their disposal (whatever these may be). They are aware of the world's issues and want to collaborate with others to find solutions that benefit the good of the whole. They are driven by a spirit of goodwill and want to create conditions that bring out the best in people, groups, businesses, and nations.

What We Do


What is your Type?

7 Spiritual Prototypes
7 Egoic Groups X 7 Sub-groups (making 49)
7 Human Types

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The Seven Rays (spiritual Prototypes) embody the seven qualities of divinity, creating, adapting, and evolving all life on our planet, including humans. 


Each human being belongs to one or other of the seven Types. Discovering your spiritual Type can help you accelerate your personal development. It will guide you from becoming an integrated and effective personality to awakening to your potential as a soul-infused or enlightened personality, bringing you into greater alignment and recognition of the divine evolutionary Plan working out on our planet. 


Striving to embody the virtues of our spiritual Type (and transmute the vices) helps us identify and hone our innate qualities and predispositions, accelerating our ability to contribute now to solutions that renew, restore, and unleash the good within the world.


Recognizing our divine identity can ignite a collective effort to manifest the divine Plan, fostering unity and a sense of belonging among all people, groups, and nations.

Qualities of the Seven Rays

Ray One: Will & Power 



Strength, courage, steadfastness, truthfulness arising from absolute fearlessness, power to govern or lead, large-mindedness



Ambition, pride, willfulness, desire to control others, anger, impatience, desire to win at all costs

Evolving Consciously


By choosing to evolve consciously, we can achieve a deeper understanding of our authentic selves. This understanding allows us to contribute positively to our families, environment, and the world and actively aid in realizing a greater good for humanity. Undertaking conscious evolution helps us create personal growth, harmonious relationships, and the ability to contribute to the beauty and harmony of the world.

Discover Your Type



A starting place for personal exploration and experimentation

The five rays that we must first attempt to discern are listed below. Many people today should be able to discern their personality ray and the rays of its three aspects. Fewer are at a stage to recognize their soul ray accurately. Experimentation with the rays and acting “As If” provide the necessary exploration and insights when studied through objective observations and increasing detachment. These are the tools for acquiring and properly handling all spiritual knowledge and realized spiritual power.

(goal to control & dominate personality)

(goal to organize & control lower three aspects)

Keep in mind that the difficulty in discerning the exact ray that governs each of the aspects that most concern us (physical, emotional, mental, personality, and soul) has to do primarily with the overall development or maturity of the individual based on the age of the soul, purity of the personality vehicle, and the individual’s consciousness.

Physical Body
The Third and Seventh Rays predominate

Emotional (Astral) Body
The Second and Sixth Rays predominate

Mental Body
The First, Fourth, and Fifth Rays predominate

Any of the Rays can govern the Personality and Soul. Again, it is helpful to remember that the purpose of the Personality and Soul Rays in any lifetime is influenced by the Soul to best assist the personality in organizing and controlling its vehicle (the physical, astral, and mental bodies) and, then, later to equip the Soul to repeat the same activity as it relates to fusing with the personality. You will discover the method needed for your burgeoning personality to take hold of its constituent parts and intuit the method by which the Soul eventually controls and directs your personality and activities in the world.

Ready to discover your divine signature?

To obtain a Personality Synthesis Type (PST) Report, select one of the options below to complete your purchase.  You'll also need to complete the PSType Questionnaire. You can open it in a new tab to complete after payment.

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*Admission to an upcoming Group Cohort Intro Course, Q&A (Savings of $150 off the regular Course Cost of $300.)

Grow With Us

Start Your Journey Now


The world needs spiritually-minded people and humanitarians to unite and take action today. By identifying with one of the 7 Spiritual Prototypes, we can increasingly recognize unity amidst diversity.


Discovering our type helps us perceive divine inspiration and create relationships based on spiritual values rather than individual desires.

Take the first step today to bring about a brighter future for all. Conscious evolution is knowing who you are and who you are becoming at any stage. Trust us; life makes more sense when you have a sense of direction that not only helps you navigate the ins and outs of daily living but also helps you discover your authentic self as part of the vast and stupendous universe of which we are each an integral part.

Have questions?

Feel free to email us. We're here to help you evolve.

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