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Personality Synthesis Type (PST) Report

The purpose of the Personality Synthesis Type (PST) report is to accelerate the

development process, guiding individuals (and nations) from self-serving personality

expression to perceiving and acting as souls. This shift enables

contribution to solutions that renew, restore, and unleash the good within

humanity. The report aims to inspire coordinated group formation, with

individuals working in alignment with their soul's intent and direction. It

emphasizes the importance of controlling personal feelings and using

intuition for wise and loving intelligent action, unobstructed by personal

preferences. Ultimately, the report seeks to inspire goodwill and a

reorientation toward spiritual values for the betterment of the whole.

This report is prepared for: Sample Individual

Preliminary ray assessment





Mental, Astral, & Physical


Sun sign: AQUARIUS

Rising sign: SAGITTARIUS


The Personality Synthesis Type (PST) report helps speed up our evolutionary growth process, shifting us from self-centered behavior to understanding and acting as part of something bigger. Familiarizing ourselves with the three stages leading to identification as group-oriented souls, characterized by aspiration, ambition, and adaptation, plays a pivotal role in helping us understand how we can individually and collectively expand our consciousness, equipping us to act increasingly for the good of humanity as a whole.


One important step in this development process is learning to control and negate our personal feelings. By developing intuition, a higher form of sensitivity available to those learning to think as souls, we can communicate and connect with others in ways that bring about everyone's highest good.


By recognizing that the world's problems often come from misunderstanding and misusing our insights due to personal desires, we eventually learn to bypass our personal aims, goals, and ambitions and take action motivated by our souls, leading to more harmonious relationships.


By working together, we can make a positive impact and inspire others to do the same, creating a better world based on spiritual values rather than personal desires.

First Ray of

Will & Power



Strength, courage, steadfastness, truthfulness

arising from absolute fearlessness, power to govern or lead, large-mindedness


Ambition, pride, willfulness, desire to control others, anger, impatience, desire to win at all costs

Third Ray of Active Intelligence



Adaptable, wide views on abstract questions, sincerity of purpose, clear intellect, capacity for concentrated philosophical reflection, strategic, ability to economize

for the sake of efficiency


Busyness, intellectual pride, coldness, isolation, inaccuracy in details, manipulative, too critical of others, selfishness

Image by Pawel Czerwinski



An individual, group, or nation is considered a personality when it can act with definite coordination, intent, and awareness of others and the environment in order to achieve a desired outcome. We aspire to grow and evolve, experience greater freedom, expand from one state of being to another.

Third ray method of becoming a personality.


The organizing approach for a Ray 3 personality to bring its three aspects under control is a perpetual weaving and re-weaving likened to a spider weaving its web to capture its prey. The third ray personality is adaptive, tenacious, and adept at quickly identifying, according to the pattern it visions, what to keep and what to relinquish.


They maneuver people, circumstances, and even themselves to achieve their goal. They assemble themselves, making them an individuality capable of outsmarting, outwitting, and outmaneuvering anyone. As powerful quick thinking and adaptive strategic centers within the group life, they must learn the limitations of their plans, schemes, and ideas so as to include those of other group members.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski



During the peak personality stage, personal ambitions and aims drive the individual, group, or nation to dominant expression in one field or another. This stage is characterized by a strong mental focus, with thinking temporarily overriding feeling. This phase culminates in a new crisis, where the individual or group must begin to give itself over to the use of the soul.

Third Ray Peak Personality 

Third ray personalities are centers of active intelligence. At their peak, the third ray personality draws up plans and makes them a reality. They are business leaders and entrepreneurs relying on their wits and smarts to make things happen. An unawakened third ray personality chooses associates they perceive as most capable of carrying out their ideas and plans rather than what contributions others may have of their own ideas.


As centers within group life, they must make space for others to contribute the best that is within them. They must stop thinking of themselves as the smartest person in the room so that they can begin to value the many ways and means to achieve the group goal. When they adopt the group goal as their own, they can effectively, efficiently, and intelligently organize to help the group achieve its goals.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski



In this stage, all remaining issues surface for final resolution. Most people and nations will likely encounter this stage in the future, but it's helpful to be aware of it when striving for greater control over our personal development. Once the challenges of this stage are overcome, nothing will be left to hinder the individual's or nation's goal of fully merging with and expressing soul objectives, which are to serve the good of the Whole. Although there may be periods of setbacks or going off track, these will only be temporary. However, before achieving complete fusion between the personality and soul, they must exert their spiritual will until the soul is entirely free from the self-centered demands of the lower self (personality). Throughout this process, we undergo a series of crises, compelling us to adapt to the soul's higher values.

First Ray Soul method used to dominate and control a 3rd Ray personality.

The central struggle for the first ray soul to liberate itself from third ray personality domination is to confine and focus the preternaturally adaptive and adept personality away from its many schemes, plans, interests, and self-willed opportunities and towards recognition and implementation of some aspect of the evolutionary plan that benefits the whole of humanity. The manipulating third ray personality, for instance, might avoid a challenging conversation by keeping busy with work or might manipulate a situation to ensure a desired outcome. It can intelligently maneuver around people and circumstances to dominate and control outcomes according to its aims. 

Group goals often interfere with its objectives by slowing it down, forcing consideration of others, and diminishing its desire to weave the tapestry of its pattern rather than that of divinity. The first ray soul eviscerates the many mental creations of the third ray personality through the imposition of the one Reality. The mature third ray personality expresses its first ray soul, knowing itself as an inseparable part of the whole and, at the same time, having the skill-in-action and intelligence to create many avenues within the world to manifest some aspect of the evolutionary plan. 

Astrological Influences

We grow from crisis to crisis at each stage, achieving an enhanced sense of our own strengths, capabilities, and power. Correctly handling each point of crisis and learning to self-initiate them is how we can consciously evolve. Precipitating crises is another way of saying that we sacrifice the lesser to the greater. To live the life of the soul, we eventually sacrifice personality desires, aims, ambitions, affections, and attitudes so that the soul can shine through. 

At each crisis, the consciously evolving individual asks: What type of choice/decision/direction is required to adequately resolve the crisis/tension at this stage of development? Understanding the Sun and Rising Signs and the energies influencing them can help you answer this question.

*Only when we begin to express ourselves as souls are the influences of the esoteric rulers felt. 


Sun Sign

Aquarius (5th Ray)

Exoteric Ruler

Uranus (7th Ray)

Esoteric Ruler

Jupiter (2nd Ray)

Rising Sign

Sagittarius (4th, 5th & 6th Rays)

Exoteric Ruler

Jupiter (2nd Ray)

Esoteric Ruler

Earth (3rd Ray)


Aquarius Sun/Rising

The Aquarius is known for being rational and detached (aided by the 5th Ray), making it particularly skilled at shifting its focus onto the mental plane. Uranus also gives the Aquarius a sense of standing apart from others, helping it separate itself to become a true individuality. The 7th Ray influence felt through Uranus ensures that the Aquarian can express its thoughts practically, as it desires to order life according to its vision.


However, the Aquarius may face challenges recognizing that its love for the group can only be helpful if it becomes its true self and learns to discriminate. For instance, an Aquarius who is part of a team may need to assert their unique ideas and perspectives to contribute effectively rather than simply conforming to the group's consensus. It must find a group whose idea of service matches its own. At the opposite extreme, rebelliousness may prevent some Aquarians from recognizing and being willing to sacrifice their ideas to blend with groups who could benefit from their contributions and equally benefit the Aquarian natives' continued growth.

Sagittarius Sun/Rising

Sagittarius is often depicted as the half horse, half man, or a man riding a horse, aiming and preparing to shoot an arrow from his bow. It is the sign of ambition and goal-seeking, meaning that as the Rising sign accelerates the preparation of the personality for use by the soul, the individual will aim and shoot many arrows pointing to its goals, whatever these may be, and move toward them with determined and unrelenting focus.


When the native whose Sun/Rising Sign is Sagittarius glimpses the expansive goal, placing it on a path agreeable to the higher Self or soul, whether or not they are conscious of doing so, Jupiter ensures successful expansion and overcomes all that may hinder our evolution. Sagittarius Rising is an excellent sign for venturing into the unknown, providing you with the fearlessness, love of adventure, and direction to leave behind the old and embrace the new.


Of course, depending on the physical appetites and emotional ties, the rider may find it challenging to control the animal instincts. The rays influencing this sign — the 4th Ray of Harmony, 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge, and 6th Ray of Idealism — mean that the Sagittarian who has a clear and enticing enough vision will wrestle their animal or lower nature into alignment so that it can achieve unity within itself, enabling it to help do the same within its environment.


Aquarius Sun/Rising

The interplay between exoteric Uranus (7th Ray) and esoteric Jupiter (2nd Ray) shapes the evolving Aquarian Sun/Rising individual whose aim is to blend body (personality) and soul consciously. Jupiter brings its Love-Wisdom power to the table, while Uranus adds its inventiveness and knack for transforming the old into something new and improved. Together, they guide the Aquarian Sun/Rising on a path to enlightenment through profound experiences and expanded awareness, enhancing their ability to respond with increasing compassion and understanding, eventually becoming deep wells of wisdom.


The organizing power of the seventh Ray is about creating right relations between people, nations, and the planet, which it aims to show practically in everyday life by fostering goodwill towards all. Coupled with a mature Aquarian detachment (5th Ray), personality and soul are blended and fused, enabling you to express a universal love for the whole rather than the more typical self-centered love with which we are most familiar.  


For those with the Sun/Rising sign in Aquarius, the emerging Aquarian energies increase as we progress into the new Age of Aquarius. This transition can bring about significant societal and personal changes, providing an excellent opportunity for Sun/Rising Aquarians to contribute to the necessary rebuilding processes. Your soul and personality rays establish your innate attributes and preferred methods when striving to achieve your soul-inspired goal.

Sagittarius Sun/Rising

Earth is the esoteric influence for individuals whose Sun/Rising sign is Sagittarius. As you become an enlightened or soul-infused personality, the Sagittarian subject is aided by its fourth (Harmony), fifth (Knowledge), and sixth (Idealism) Ray rulers. With a mind open to study and rapid assimilation of learning through experiential intelligent activity (3rd Ray) on Earth, you can test the truth revealed increasingly by the soul. This influence equips you to develop, use, and illuminate your intellect. This, in turn, paves the way for you to become receptive to the soul's intuited understanding, a crucial step in your journey to enlightenment and to enlighten others.

The Crosses and Path to Synthesis (the goal of evolution)

The Crosses (for all): Other indirect influences arise through the sign's association with either the Mutable (producing change), Fixed (producing crises), or Cardinal (producing synthesis) Cross. In astrology, the "Crosses" represent different modes of energy expression and play a significant role in shaping the astrological influences on an individual. The arms of the three crosses are:


Mutable Cross (MC): Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius-Pisces

Fixed Cross (FC): Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius

Cardinal Cross (CC): Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn

A mutable Sun/Rising sign experiences constant flux and the periodic change necessary to consciously unfold the Christ life (the soul) hidden within the body or form (personality). 

  • Virgo (The Virgin) nurtures the Christ consciousness or the soul hidden within the form until it is time to express itself openly.

  • Pisces (The Fishes), depicted swimming in opposite directions yet inseparably linked by a thread that can be stretched to its limits but never severed, beautifully illustrates the human and soul (divine) aspects in polar opposition.

  • Gemini (The Twins) symbolizes the conscious recognition of our human and divine aspects, eventually harmonizing them into a unified whole. It's important to note that Gemini represents duality and the merging of opposites, creating a fascinating triangular relationship with each pair of opposites in the zodiac (such as Aquarius-Leo, Cancer-Capricorn, etc.). This dynamic interplay allows their influences to flow between the two and synthesize them into one. Hence, Gemini must ultimately blend with Sagittarius, with the assistance of Pisces (a result of Pisces completing the Gemini-Sagittarius-Pisces triangle because it rules the present greater astrological cycle of 25,000 years) once the lessons of oppositions are learned. Venus aids the integration-fusion between personality and soul due to being exalted in Pisces, Gemini's esoteric ruler, and Earth's spiritual prototype. 

  • Sagittarius, sometimes symbolized as the man holding a taut arrow focused and aimed at the higher Self, can be harnessed under the influence of those whose Sun/Rising sign is on the mutable cross to resolve the tension expressed in Pisces, revealed in Gemini, to come forth from hiding (in Virgo) as the enlightened soul.

A fixed Sun/Rising sign produces crises that eventually lead to a reorientation away from the life of the personality to fuse with and manifest the life of the soul.

  • Taurus (the sign of the Buddha) brings illumination where the consciously evolving human soul is concerned.

  • Leo's influence (the only sign ruled in its three divisions by the Sun) leads an individual to outwardly express all they are, whether that is a self-oriented personality, group-conscious soul, or the universal consciousness eventually achieved in Aquarius.

  • Scorpio brings the tests that clarify your choice to move forward into greater spiritual possibility or retreat into the more mundane materiality of form life.

  • Aquarius produces a world server, conscious of and dedicated to the Whole.

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