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Astrological Influences

As a nation, the United States has the advantage of distinctly perceiving the dualities, whatever these may be. For the country to become an integrated entity, its relationships and experiences have provided opportunities to witness the diversities of life, presenting its exoteric 4th Ray ruler, Mercury, with much to harmonize. Mercury, known as the "messenger of the Gods," aids the USA's assimilation of diverse peoples and appreciation of novelty to enlighten its collective ("mass") mind. Changing policies and the cross-national and cultural mix of a global population within its borders provide ample opportunity for interplay, exchange, and exploring diverse perspectives.


Regardless of its stage of development, the end goal for the nation as a whole is the illumination of the collective mind. This shift in perspective means that the country is redirecting its focus so that its actions will increasingly be governed by thought instead of the personal feeling (expressed by its sixth ray personality) that still controls most of humanity.


Shifting the focus from the emotional to the mental plane is daunting, but the nation's makeup has readily prepared it to handle it. In its case, it is further aided by the Rising Sign's 4th Ray (Harmony through Conflict) and 5th Ray (Concrete Knowledge) influences, heightening its awareness (sometimes painfully) of right and wrong, good and evil, love and hate, the Real and un-Real, and the many other opposites that tear us apart. 


But through this process, the nation seeks to bring harmony, balance, and peace that will ultimately help it realize this within its borders and pave the way for other countries to do the same. The USA seeks to blend different groups together for mutual benefit and continued growth.


The USA is known worldwide for its practical intelligence, which, supported by the 5th Ray, contributes to its scientific and technological expertise, enabling it to shift its focus increasingly to the mental plane. The analytical, discriminating, and separating nature of the fifth Ray also instills in the nation a sense of distinctiveness from others, allowing it to establish itself as a true individuality (i.e., personality).


The 7th Ray influence felt through Uranus ensures that the United States can express its thoughts practically, as it desires to order life according to its vision. However, the nation may face challenges recognizing that its love for the whole can only be helpful if it becomes its true self (its Soul) and learns to act wisely.


At the opposite extreme, rebelliousness may prevent groups within the country from recognizing and being willing to sacrifice their ideals (inspired by the zealousness of the sixth Ray) to blend with other groups who could benefit from their contributions and equally benefit the nation's continued growth.

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