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We are the New Age Educators.

Join us in exploring a basis for a new education that will enable us at any age and level to consciously integrate and fuse the parts within ourselves and each person within the greater Whole, making us increasingly aware, capable, and willing cooperators with the one humanity, the one soul (planet), and the one Life (universe).

With the teaching and support provided, you can achieve a greater sense of purpose, clarity, and fulfillment and contribute intelligently to the greater GOOD.

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 Understand more about who you are and who you are becoming with our Spiritual Synthesis Personality (SSP) Type report.


Taisha Rucker

Taisha Rucker brings over 20 years of expertise in leadership development to her role as founder of One Humanity, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering selfless service for the common good. She empowers individuals of all ages and abilities through education and training to contribute meaningfully to society. With a focus on positive personal and organizational growth, Taisha emphasizes the interconnectedness of all people and nations, inspiring collaboration and unity.


J.D. / B.A. English Literature

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Alicia Isaac is a skilled life coach, intuitive guide, and special education high school teacher. She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and over 15 years of experience guiding and coaching people of all ages. Her extensive knowledge of astrology enables her to empower people to grow into their best selves, leading them toward a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Alicia Isaac

M.A. Special Education (Enrolled) / B.A. Psychology

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Why evolve consciously?

With ongoing study, contemplation, and the selfless service to the whole that results, individuals can develop themselves into:

  • Enlightened citizens,

  • Dedicated problem-solvers, and

  • Inspired world servers

Through steady, common-sense application of these practices, people can achieve realistic aims that help them become their best and give their best to society.

What does it mean to evolve consciously?


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