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The influence of Gemini on the United States' personality has helped us reach a stage of development where our national identity and values are approaching a pivotal moment. We are conscious of the choices that lay before us, and the energies impacting our nation (illuminated by Mercury) are aiding us in making the right decisions. 


This choice leads either back to focusing on material pursuits or towards the freedom offered by our vision of a more spiritually enlightened society. The esoteric influence of 5th Ray Venus adds a more advanced and higher mental focus to bring about the necessary revelations that will elevate our collective identity to serve the good of the whole. 


The recognition of oppositions (Gemini), the influx of knowledge and understanding (Mercury), the unwavering commitment to realizing Harmony through conflict (4th Ray), and a persistent mental approach (5th Ray) to progress will reward the United States by transforming us into a more enlightened and harmonious nation.


When Aquarius is the Rising Sign as it is for the United States which is at an advanced stage of development, both its exoteric (Uranus, 7th Ray) and esoteric (Jupiter, 2nd Ray) influences come into play. This potent blend of Love-Wisdom (2nd Ray) can lead to profound experiences and expansions in awareness, fostering a compassionate and understanding response. In turn, cumulative wisdom paves the way for a harmonious union between our national personality and its soul.


The organizing potency of the seventh Ray can guide the nation in establishing ordered relationships. This shift is a crucial step, as it can steer us away from disordered or promiscuous relationships that often stem from unrestrained personal affections and affinities. 


Organizing our policies, ways of relating, and distribution of resources based on an active, practical good-Will expressed by our national personality (the masses) and inspired by the focused will-to-Good of our nation's soul (world servers) at this time can help achieve significantly improved national and international relations.


The United States, along with its citizens whose astrological charts emphasize Aquarian energies, are poised to step forward into the new age. This transition brings with it an increased capacity to contribute to the necessary rebuilding process amidst the present tumultuousness. 


Group Mind vs Mass Mind

It is crucial to differentiate between the "group mind," representing the collective consciousness of individuals in contact with and influenced by the soul, whose inclusivity is absolute, and the "mass mind," which is the mind of those primarily responsive to personal feelings. This distinction, when comprehended and acknowledged, can illuminate and enhance our understanding of societal dynamics, leading to a more enlightened and informed approach to pro-social change.

The distinction between the group mind and the mass mind is not just a philosophical concept but a lens through which we can understand and address the pressing issues of our time. It's the difference between soul response and personal reactivity, between pure reason and personal feeling, between universal good and the divisive aims that keep us locked in conflicts like Israel and Palestine, capital and labor, college and non-college educated, black and white. Recognizing this distinction is the first step towards finding solutions that can meet the needs of all.


Further, we can deepen our comprehension of the conflict between the group mind (2nd Ray) and mass mind (6th Ray) as expressed in the nature of the USA This also suggests the potential for resolution by acknowledging the corresponding ray correlations within the planetary etheric body and our own.


The fabric of our planet, of which each of us is a part, permits our eventual recognition and identification of our relation to humanity, the earth, and the universe. Our etheric bodies are the subjective aspect and meeting place for the intersecting and bisecting energies that make us what we are or what the Ancient Wisdom views as the true individual (the soul).


The activity of the seven rays or energies subjectively animates our world, determining the appearance of every aspect of life on our planet, including the various natural kingdoms and the seven egoic groups with their human representatives. Each of us is a focal point of one or another of these energies at some stage of conscious or unconscious expression. Understanding the influence of these energies can help us expand our contributions to help transform society.


The sixth Ray of Idealism and Devotion (USA's personality)

The solar plexus center, the center of expression for most people worldwide, is governed by the sixth Ray of Idealism and Devotion within the etheric body. This center is associated with emotional reactivity, domesticity, fear, instinctual rather than intellectual or intuitive response, and personal love rather than impersonal love.


Those whose lives are primarily emotionally focused, including those who make up the personality of the USA, experience fluctuating emotions such as happiness, sadness, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and other opposing feelings. At an extreme, these vacillations can result in prolonged depression or a keen sense of disorientation that inhibits stability and tranquility, all resulting from undue and uncontrolled sensitivity to "mass feeling." They represent the collective mindset, reflecting the public opinion of the nation.


Emotional sensitivity to life and events can lead to the possibility of being swept into whatever the "mass feeling" happens to be. This uncontrolled energy and misdirected emotional force can cause events like world wars, riots, financial panics, or religious revivals.* We may feel uneasy even if we aren't swept into the activity. This sensitivity can also lead to unrestrained merriment or weeping.


The second Ray of Love-Wisdom (USA's Soul)

The solution, one for which the astrological energies of the USA lend support, can and should be directed by those members of the nation's soul, corresponding to the etheric heart center governed by the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.


They are the "group mind" that, when coordinated and motivated by the practical will-to-Good, can create the conditions to help those currently influenced by their emotions and lower desires to shift their focus toward higher aspirations. This is achieved through a compassionate effort to improve living conditions, reduce stress, and inspire others to recognize and express the good within themselves.


These practical steps will provide the needed impetus to help elevate the mass mind. Intellect will replace instinct, and the masses will gain control over the energies impacting them, permitting their eventual full and healthy participation for the good of the whole.


This shift is part of a larger planetary cycle, a recurring astrological energy pattern that influences civilization and cultural dynamics. This cycle can be guided by the "group mind," which will work through the "mass mind," lifting all into new areas of awareness. This process will bring us steadily into closer rapport with those alongside whom we are destined to serve, paving the way for societal transformation.


Through the soul or heart of the nation, the whole is served. Our service allows emergent ideas to come forth and be widely recognized as serving the greatest good for the greatest number, inspiring groups and individuals to give the best of who they are to ensure the good reaches people at every level of society and every stage of expression, bringing a fresh perspective, renewal, and a redeeming culture that uplifts all.


Age of transition: Piscean to Aquarian, sixth Ray to seventh Ray

Lastly, we can take advantage of the planetary cycle taking place as it transitions from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age or from an emphasis on individual endeavors to group cooperation. This transition is influenced by the astrological energies of the U.S., which are unique to the nation and can be harnessed for positive change.


As we are spirited onward from a sixth Ray emphasis that for the last 2000 years cultivated and reinforced an emotional idealism based on brotherhood, love, and understanding (among others) embodied and championed by Christ, the organizing seventh Ray now enters according to its cyclic appearance to help humanity make these ideals concrete and practical.

Synthesis: The goal of all evolutionary endeavor

Understanding that synthesis is the goal of all evolutionary activity, consciousness development, and physical expression for all kingdoms, individuals, and the planet as a whole is crucial. In astrology, Gemini represents duality and the merging of opposites. It creates a triangular relationship with each pair of opposites in the zodiac (such as Aquarius-Leo, Cancer-Capricorn, etc.), holding them close to allow their influences to pass between the two and synthesize them into one.


Undoubtedly, this process of synthesis is equally taking place between the kingdoms in nature, between spirit and matter, and between all opposites. It is through these interactions that the one true Reality of the One Humanity, One Planet, and One Life is revealed, transcending the apparent duality and revealing the underlying unity. 


The United States and the city of London, both with a Gemini Sun, have a fascinating astrological connection. This unique influence results from the constellation Pisces ruling the greater astrological cycle (25,000 years), completing the triangle with its polar opposite, resulting in Gemini-Sagittarius-Pisces. This positioning provides this nation and city with a unique opportunity for world service as we near the close of the Piscean Age.


In the evolutionary process, The Twins (Gemini) are the point at which the mortal and immortal brothers recognize each other. A similar dualism occurs in Pisces, symbolized by the two fishes, connected by a thread but swimming in opposite directions. The watery sign of Pisces governs the masses as yet submerged in the imaginary waters of material existence wherein the mortal ones turn their backs to their divine selves, which goes unrecognized. The tension of the thread joining the human and divine can move in opposite directions to an extreme, but the cord between them can never break. 


Gemini’s polar opposite, Sagittarius, the man holding a taut arrow focused and aimed at the higher Self, resolves the tension, revealing in due time the higher Self of the USA and London. When the lower and higher Selves reach an adequate extreme, revealing to all the essential duality between spirit and matter, spiritual and material, divine and human, the separation (in consciousness) of the fishes in Pisces (soul and body) are united in Gemini, aware of each other’s existence, and eventually fused into one with the aid of Venus (exalted in Pisces, esoteric ruler of Gemini, and the spiritual prototype for our Earth). 


The Gemini Sun for the USA suggests an opportunity for the nation to understand and differentiate between our higher self (soul) and lower self (personality). When Gemini, influenced by its ruler Mercury, has sufficiently enlightened us about these two aspects, and there is a definite effort to unite the personality and soul through the Will-to-Good imposed by spiritually inclined individuals, humanitarians, and all those with active goodwill, then Gemini's esoteric ruler Venus can come into full potency to harmonize the two aspects into one, ultimately manifesting an enlightened nation and a beacon of light in the world. 

The Crosses

Other indirect influences arise through the sign’s association with either the Mutable (producing change), Fixed (producing crises), or Cardinal (producing synthesis) Cross. The arms of the three crosses are:


MC: Gemini - Virgo - Sagittarius - Pisces

FC: Taurus - Leo - Scorpio - Aquarius

CC: Aries - Cancer - Libra - Capricorn


A mutable Sun or Rising for a kingdom in nature, a nation, or an individual, such as the USA’s Gemini personality, will experience constant flux and periodic change necessary to consciously unfold the Christ life (the soul) hidden within the body or form. Upon the FC, the fixed Sun or Rising sign will encounter those crises that, when intelligently handled, lead to the reorientation and direction that will take the developed soul consciousness learned upon the mutable cross and make it definitely practical in appearance in the world. 


As we consider humanity as a whole, with Pisces (MC) governing the personality and Aquarius (FC) governing the soul, we understand that the celestial symbols conceal our collective purpose. As we approach the end of the Piscean Age, humanity must strive to move from the acknowledged separation of soul and body (personality) to an intentional merging of personality and soul, bringing forth an enlightened planetary personality or One Humanity on Earth.


As citizens motivated by spiritual ideals and love for humanity, we have a crucial role in this transition. Our understanding and application of these principles can contribute to the progressive expression of Brotherhood. Unity would replace the current cultural hegemony of personal consciousness, which involves personal likes and dislikes, attachments, and self-serving applications of inspired divine ideas that are limited to serving one's personal affections, ideologies, and preferences rather than for the good of the whole.


Consequently, the U.S. stands at the precipice of a transformative opportunity to which we can, if we choose, work unceasingly and in full awareness to ensure that the soul of the nation, ruled by the second Ray of Love-Wisdom demonstrates powerfully through its idealistic sixth Ray personality guided by right intent and motivated by the good of the whole. 


Our potential to make a difference is directly linked to our stage of development and our desire to seize the opportunity. This realization can empower and inspire us to take action, to be the change we wish to see.

*Adapted from Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise On White Magic (1951; Lucis Publishing Co., 1974), 308-309.

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