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The Urgent Need for Change
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The growing partisan divide, the erosion of social trust, and the declining faith in our nation's institutions highlight the urgency of our mission. It is not enough to acknowledge these issues; we must proactively address them by identifying, selecting, and promoting leaders whose commitment to the common good transcends personal and political interests. The status quo is no longer tenable, and we must usher in a new era of leadership that prioritizes collective well-being over individual gains.

We Need Common Good Leaders

Imagine a world where leaders channel their ambitions and aspirations for the common good instead of for personal or political gain. A world where public, private, and social institutions are beacons of selflessness and cooperation, embodying the ideals that unite us. Achieving this goal is possible, and it starts with you. 

Taisha Lalanai Rucker

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Book Details​

  • 142 pages

  • Paperback 5.25 x 8 inches

  • First edition. 

  • ISBN 979-8-218-37662-8

  • Published March 2024

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Common Good Leaders and Organizations
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Rebuild Relationships Through Selflessness

Forging connections, fostering collaboration, and facilitating positive change with empathy, compassion, and a keen awareness of the interconnectedness of our world helps common good leaders inspire others to practice civic virtue, contributing their best to serve a common purpose.

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Renew Organizational Purpose and Relevance

By channeling personal ambitions and aspirations to create real-world solutions that serve the greatest good for the greatest number, common good leaders foster a culture of selflessness and cooperation that reshape the very foundations of our institutions, infusing them with purpose and relevance that restore public trust. 

Restore unity and shared progress.png

Restore Unity and Shared Progress

Real-world impact benefiting the many rather than the few helps pave the way for a more interconnected world, where the concept of one-humanity becomes more than a lofty ideal – it becomes a tangible reality, uniting us in our shared pursuit of a better world.

Create Lasting Change

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey to help reshape the leadership landscape and create a new paradigm that celebrates selflessness and cooperation. When this collaborative effort spans the political, educational, religious, economic, scientific, and business institutions that support our pursuit of happiness and give our lives meaning, it will catalyze a movement that can reverberate a spirit of unity, trust, and shared progress throughout the nation and world.

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