Makhpa Medical Care Camp Project 2019


What we stand for

We are dedicated to contributing to the world in the hopes of creating a better tomorrow, for everyone. This past month, we organized a medical care camp in a poverished village in India. Through this initiative, we were able to provide 1.300 people with specialist checkups, labratory tests and medicines. You can explore our website to find out more about our recent project and what you can do to help us maintain this effort for next year.


How you can contribute!

Every bit helps!

The success of our last camp was because of our donors. The support meant a lot to us and helped us impact the lives of 1,300 people. We want to continue this effort and once again, it will only be possible with your help. Truly, every bit helps!


Our Sponsor

We thank BKH Humanitarain Foundation for sponsoring a large part of our event. Their guidance and assistance have been vital to the success of our project.

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