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Fate of Democracy

Happy Independence (Liberation) Day)!

Our nation and humanity as a whole now stand at a critical juncture. The specter of global conflicts, climate disasters, political futility, social unrest, and disenchantment looms large, reaching every corner of the world. These turmoils confirm that change is not only imminent but necessary, offering us an opportunity to harness present chaos to initiate change inspired by a willing of the Good to serve the common good.

There are workers and servers of many types and in many departments of life who recognize that the only sure way to nullify evil is to magnify GOOD.

The fate of democracy doesn't hinge on the election of a Democratic or Republican Presidential nominee. It rests on us — the people of goodwill. It's about recognizing and becoming responsive to the focused and directed energy within us. This energy has the power to dispel the fallacy of separation, superiority, hatred, fear, and a desire to win at the expense of others.

This impelling energy finds its place in the hearts of all who love humanity because they know themselves to be part of this greater Whole and in the minds of all whose love for humanity compels them to fit themselves to serve even at the expense of their comfort, peace, and even their lives.

What we truly need today are leaders who are committed to serving the common Good. These leaders reject the divisive, partisan approach to problem-solving. They don't resort to fearmongering or catastrophizing to gain votes or power. Instead, they understand the transformative power of love.

When love is harnessed by individuals dedicated to solving global issues and promoting the good of the whole, it becomes a powerful force that can overcome all obstacles to human progress.

This "energy of Love" is not a feeling of sentimentality or a desire for peace and goodwill unaccompanied by practical action. Love is the impelling motive behind creation that ensures its eventual perfection.

Another name for love is the will-to-Good that conditions life in its many forms and motivates us to dream, strive, seek out, and create better conditions for ourselves, our families, the nation, and the world.

The spirit of Independence Day is a belief and hope that progress is assured for a people and a nation even when the future is unknown and the pathway to achieve it is uncertain.

We need to prepare for the promising future ahead and believe that we possess the same guiding light that led to the founding of this nation, inspired by a vision of something better, even if its realization remains imperfect.

If you're an individual seeking greater self-awareness and personal growth to better serve the collective, I invite you to join me at the School For Good. Our complimentary audio course, "Finding Our Place and Purpose in the Universe," is designed to help you align with the evolutionary Plan unfolding on our planet.

By improving conditions wherever we find ourselves, fostering unity, and contributing to the good of the whole, we can all contribute to creating a better America and world.


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