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How to stop evil and those whose intent is to perpetuate it through humanity and upon our planet

Mantram for the Common Good

Let us trust in the Good,

work for the Good,

live for the Good,

will the Good for the Common Good. 

We must understand that the evil that humanity must contend with is not something otherworldly or fiendishly incomprehensible. The evil that concerns us consists of the thoughts, words, and actions by individuals, groups, and nations that seek to return humanity to its darker (more selfish) past or otherwise hinder the flowering of its brighter future. Evil, where we are concerned, is of our own collective making. It consists of all of our hatreds, selfishness, greed, and cruelty that, throughout human history, have undermined right relations between people, nations, and between people and the planet. 

Closing the door to evil, therefore, demands the restoration of right human relations, inspired and revealed through trust in the Good. When wisely interpreted and skillfully implemented through work for the Good, this creates the conditions needed within societies, nations, and the world to attract ALL people everywhere to live for the Good and will the Good for the Common Good. 

Then, humanity can more accurately comprehend the LOVE that Christ revealed in its true nature as an aspect of WILL (the will-to-Good). Will is not the selfish strong-arming displayed by the "little wills" of people bent on achieving some lesser ideal than the good of the Whole. As far as our present humanity can grasp, the true nature of God's Will demonstrates as conscious cooperation to implement the unfolding, adaptive divine Purpose and Plan (the Good) through understanding action, selfless service, and at any cost to oneself (sacrifice). Undertaken willingly, we equip ourselves through love for humanity and determination to give our all to become a tiny focal point and channel through which the will-to-Good can flow to strengthen those alongside whom we serve to usher in a new and better world and liberate the spirit of humanity as we unfold new and more sublime capacities.

The coordinated, selfless, loving will-to-Good directed for the good of the Whole can defeat the selfish and separative impulses of the will-to-power and those using it to their advantage.

The task for the spiritually minded people, humanitarians, and all the people of goodwill throughout the world is to stand together with a dedicated "massed intent" to unleash the Good, facilitating its resulting spontaneous activity into every field of human endeavor — education, religion, politics, government, economics, etc. — to defeat evil and those intent on its persistence. 

When the individual and humanity as a whole know only the Good, there is nothing within us to which evil can attach itself. Evil must perish through inattention, divestment, and a refocusing of energies elsewhere: away from evil and towards the Good. Only then can humanity "go forth and sin no more."

Humanity stands at the precipice of opportunity, arrived at by virtue of its shared past mistakes and hoped-for possibilities. Our collective sufferings present a fresh opportunity to choose consciously to participate in laying the foundations that replace the self-serving cult of personality with the selfless cult of goodwill to establish right relations between and among all people and all nations everywhere. 

Let's repeat the last stanza of the Great Invocation

From the center which we call the human race

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells. 

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. 


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