Makhpa Medical Care Camp 2019

This project was a product of an effort that took over 8 months to organize and plan. Through online and personal donations as well as sponsorships, we collected $10,000 for the camp. The money was used towards medical supplies, lab tests, medicines and other supplies. The combined effort of my family helped make this project a success! Scroll down to see how the event played out on the days of the camp!

THIS PAGE IS STILL LARGELY UNDER CONSTRUCTION! More information will be added soon. Please make sure to come back in a few weeks!


Our volunteers

This project could not have been possible with out all of our incredible volunteers. The volunteers were comprised of many of my own family members and trained volunteers from Kainat International Schools in Bihar. Thank you to all of them for all the effort and time they put in!

Our team of doctors

On both days of the camp, we had a team of 8-11 doctors. We had 4 general physicians and the rest of the doctors had specific specialities. They included gynecologists, an orthopedic surgeon, a dentist, an ENT specialist and a pediatrician


DSC_0799 copy.JPG
DSC_0799 copy.JPG

All patients went to the vitals station next. There, their BMI, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and temperature were taken.


Every camp atendee was first registered. We had 2 registration lines and at that point, they were given record sheets. All their basic identification information was noted down and then the atendees entered the facility to begin the medical check-up process.